Product Overview

The best way to explore our platform is to schedule a demo, but here's a quick overview of our features.

Collect reviews

Ask your customers for reviews and other content, fully customized to your user journey and needs.

  • Proactive emails and push messages

    Send post-purchase emails asking for feedback, or use SMS and in-app messages. Good messaging gives high conversion rate.

  • Rules, templates and scheduling

    Define scheduling rules and settings per product and customer segment to keep messages relevant.

  • Incentives

    Give loyality points, coupons or other incentives through the available integrations or with your custom code.

Decide what to capture

Customize your review collection form. Keep it as simple as possible.

  • Custom questions

    Ask about sizing for clothes, skin type for beauty products, etc. Predefined questions and templates are available.

  • Rich media

    Full support for images and video.

  • NPS and CSAT

    Add our Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction surveys. Collect together with reviews, or separately.

Display on product pages

  • Adapted to your brand look and feel

    Clean and minimalistic by default. Choose design and content to fit your brand identity.

  • Fully optimized

    Increase sales and conversion rates by 30% using the out-of-the-box widget. Loads blazingly fast with global CDN.

  • Many implementation options

    Most e-commerce platforms are fully supported. Customized widget design is included. Rich APIs are available to your developers.

Boost your SEO and SEM

  • Stars in organic Google search results

    Increase clicks from Google by having your ratings in the search results.

  • Stars in Google Ads

    Get more from your marketing spend by using ratings in your ads through our partnership and integration with Google.

  • SEO

    Highly relevant user-generated content will help your organic search ranking and your quality score.

Moderation and translation

Make sure all content you publish is relevant, high-quality and fully localized.

  • Human moderation

    Human moderation services are available in over 20 languages. Your customer service is looped in when needed. You can also moderate yourself using the excellent content moderation tool.

  • Translations – manual or machine

    Full flexibility in translating content using any combination of machine translation and human translators.

Use in other marketing channels

Reviews as social proof can be used in any of your marketing channels.

  • Ads and social media campaigns

    Include individual reviews or aggregated ratings in your ads and campaigns.

  • Communication and content

    Use customer feedback in newsletters, social media posts and other communication.

Connect your stores

If you have physical stores, make sure they're not left out.

  • Omni-channel capturing

    Use loyalty cards and other digital footprints to capture feedback, regardless of channel.

  • Display ratings in stores

    Use ratings and reviews on electronic shelf labels and digital signage.

Syndication and review crawling

Take control over all channels, not just the ones you own.

  • Syndication

    Brands can syndicate to retailers inside or outside our network.

  • Review crawling

    15,000 global review sources, updated daily. Backfill for instant review coverage, or monitor reviews of your products and brands.

And all the other things...

We're a customer-obsessed company, so we have worked a lot on the details that you will care about.

  • Great support from our team

    You will always have a dedicated customer success manager. Just pick up the phone. If you're in Stockholm, let's meet.

  • On-boarding and training

    We'll work with your team to make sure you get the most value out of the platform.

  • Developer-friendly

    The APIs you need, clear documentation, sample code, technical support on Slack. Standard widget with Google Tag Manager or headless API integrations. We've got you covered.

  • Security and compliance

    We're fully GDPR-compliant and have worked hard to earn the trust of our customers, including their IT security teams. See our security page for details.

  • Portal and analytics

    Access the data and numbers you need in our portal, or use our integrations for your Google Analytics and other tools.

  • Missing something?

    Please get in touch and we'll talk about it. We're happy to adapt to your needs and we have a network of partners to help.

Ready to talk?

Schedule a demo, or have a look at some of our customer cases.

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