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Jula is a major retail group, with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Finland and China. It has cutting-edge competence in retail, logistics, finance and real estate. For the retail business quality, loyalty and insight are key concepts. The basis of Jula’s successful loyalty management is a long-term customer focus aiming to package many different parts of the customer experience in a simple and explicit way. Having more than 3 million members in the customer club provides a huge base for customer insight, which Jula uses to create better solutions for its customers. The Ratings & Reviews solution, provided by TestFreaks for the last four years and tailored to Jula's needs, is an important overlay for all these three central areas.
Ratings & ReviewsInsights


Share Ratings & Reviews and leverage Jula's large customer club for collection.


Share R&R between markets and utilize AI powered auto translate software. Use TestFreaks' software tools to group products and variants where it makes sense from a customer point of view. Use the possibility to collect R&R from offline customers as well.


Through this powerful set-up Jula generates 5 times more quality Ratings & Reviews.

Sharing R&R between products, markets and collecting from offline has generated 5 times more quality reviews than that of a traditional review collection program.
+3 million members

TestFreaks has been our partner for R&R for several years. They have a very capable platform, but what's even more valuable, they also understand how important it is to adjust their software and services to our strategy, to our needs.

Margareta Boström

Margareta Boström

Business Developer and Insights Manager at the Jula Group, and author of several consumer behavior books
About Jula

Jula is a fast growing retail business with a wide assortment of products at low prices within Home, Garden, and Spare time. House owners, DIY-people, farmers and craftsmen can all find most of what they need at a Jula store. Jula wants to inspire and motivate people to simplify their lives and be able to fix things themselves.

Sustainability has a high priority at Jula. The overall objective is to be climate neutral by 2030.

Jula was founded in 1979 by Lars-Göran and Irene Blank in Skara, a small town in central Sweden. The company’s first product was a unique log splitter. The Company is still run by the family, and the son Karl-Johan Blank is owner and group CEO of Jula.

Jula revenues 2020: 1 billion Euro
Profit 2020: 120 million Euro
110 stores
4 000 employees

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Ratings & Reviews are shared and displayed between markets and languages and collected from online and offline.
With the help of TestFreaks' platform for Ratings & Reviews, Jula collects and displays customer feedback into their product detail pages to help its customers make informed and empowered buying decisions. Jula also collects and displays product images from its customers. User-generated content (UGC) plays an important part in Jula's overall UX. It starts already before the customer enters Jula's websites. Ratings (Rich snippets) are displayed in Google search results as well as in Google Ads.
“At Jula we want to motivate people to simplify their everyday life and build an active and fun life. We have developed a large assortment of carefully selected products for the home, the garden, and the spare time. Ratings & Reviews are important to us at Jula so that we can help our customers navigate, explore and find the right product.” said Margareta Boström, business developer and insights manager at the Jula Group.
The flip side of Ratings & Reviews are Insights. Ratings & Reviews enable real insights into customer experience, revealing factors that are very difficult to uncover by other means.
R&R gives the customer a voice and provides a retailer with ways of measuring success in new ways. It provides for a greater understanding of the customer experience. Any customer that shops online or offline as a member of Jula Club can contribute with feedback. TestFreaks' platform supplies a wealth of data and insights that helps Jula to continuously improve the customer experience. Negative reviews can be used for deeper analysis to understand underlying patterns and areas of improvement. Positive reviews, high product ratings and NPS can give insight into which of your customers are your real promoters. Marketing programs can leverage and activate your hidden promoters and grow your business and reputation.
Increased coverage of R&R not only improves UX and conversion on the website, but it also has a major impact on visibility and traffic from Google.
With increased volumes of R&R comes a wider R&R coverage of the product catalog. This of course has a positive impact on the overall website and the UX, but it also has a substantial impact on the traffic from Google search results. A larger share of the product catalog with rich snippets in Google means more traffic. The same is true for star ratings in Google Ads. More products with ratings leads to better return on the Google Ads budget. R&R tend to be distributed between products based on visits or sales. However, with an optimized review collection program, collection can be boosted for key products, such as products with few ratings or newly launched products.

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