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Question: Netgear DGN 2000 I'm dissppointed as well

My problem is similar to the one posted under dissppointed. I bought the Netgear DGN 2000 replacing my old Linksys modem. I had problems with it right away as the modem kept on cutting off after 10 to 15 minutes. I contacted Netgear help they suggested a few things but nothing really work. Finally they told me that the unit is faulty and asked me to get a replacement unit from the vendor which I did and guess what the same thing is happening with the new unit. Sometime it works fine and when it does the speed and wireless strength is excellent. The cut of i am experiencing is when it is wired and not through wireless. Noe Netgear is saying it is my ISP and the telephone line that is at fault and my ISP is saying it is the modem. I'm really frustrated would appreciate if somebody can tell me what the issue here is. I wonder when the new firmware will be released.