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  • I am unable to connect my Android phone and Kindle to my wireles

    unable to connect my kindle to my wireless.

  • Can I change a security key or un secure a network

  • Whats a logon domain?

    Everytime I try to access the internet from my dlink router to my laptop it always comes up "User Name, Password and Logon Domain" I dont have a logon domain? And also what is it? I entered the security details from my boyfriends computer that he told me to enter but it doesn't work, any help would be appreciated !!

  • D-link "lag spikes"

    My D-link router works great with my desktop; however, it seems to have some "patterns". I noticed this when I was browsing, it seems to work great but then all of a sudden it gets a lot of lag spikes. I also noticed this when i was downloading a game, the Kbps rate was around 300 but then there was a pattern it kept going from 300 to about 40kbps over and over. How am i able to configure my d-link to fix this?

  • Logon domain

    I have installed my D-Link 615 router properly. I know the password and security key. But when I try to connect from Laptop, it prompts for User name, Password and Logon domain.
    Can you tell me please what is logon domain ?

  • Seems to have no power

    bought used on ebay.I get as far as it does not recognize my ethernet cable. The indicater lights on the front do not light up at all. Is this normal ???

  • Has anyone tried with 5dBi antenna on this model?

  • d link dir 615 router

    can i connect this router to my 2wire gateway to boost its range around the house

  • area covered by 615

    will this cover an office space of 1500 sqft with 12 systems, will the signal be good enough

  • Connectivity problems

    I have had this router running for about 3 weeks now and I'm still having connection issues - the worst is that our internet cuts out, often, and also that our pc and laptops don't always automatically connect to our network even tho we have set it that way. Should I go back to a G router where I never had these problems?

  • What is button for on right hand side on dir-615

    I have a dlink dir-615 and on the right hand side of the unit is button that when pressed flashes blue. I have no idea what this does and cant find out form dlinks website either.
    Any ideas?