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  • Why does my TV screen go blank when I click start

    When I click start the screen just goes blank. It plays ok on my daughter's machine in her house so I brought her wii over to my house and it doesn't work but goes a bit further to the title screen then freezes. I have tried two discs and they both do the same thing.

  • How do I unlock a date on the calendar to add an activity?

  • why do we not get credit?

    My friend and I both recently bought Wii Biggest Loser.We are both frustrated as to why we do not get credit for what we do. Trainer acts like we are not doing the exercise.

  • Is there a problem with the Biggest Loser game?

    My Biggest Loser game doesn't allow me to access the training module under the Fitness tab. I can do the exercises, but it doesn't give my character credit for doing it. I can input my calories fine, but I can't do anything else. Is my game defective, or is anyone else having this problem?