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  • Green/Purple line down middle of Video via Skype

    Whenever I use Skype, the person I video call will have a greenish/purple stripe down the center of their picture. I to one back already thinking the LifeCam was defective. But this is doing it again. I have a Toshiba laptop, using wireless to go on line, WinXP. The cam itself shows me fine - when I use Skype my caller's and myself see the line. Thanks!

  • help

    does this webcam work with windows xp cause i tried installing it and got i cant install cause im not connected to the internet or the servers are down.. i tried it on my laptop with windows vista and it worked fine can someone pllleeeaasssee help me

  • problems between cam and messengers

    I just bought this webcam and I have tried to use it with windows live messenger and AIM but neither of them could detect the camera but when i use skype and yahoo messenger it works fine. any suggestions?

  • Is the camera suppose to be really laggy for videos if we use it

    Is the camera suppose to be really laggy for videos if we use it on perhaps facebook or webcaming with other people because mines is really laggy. what do i do

  • HP DV6000 laptop user

    I have a hp pavilion dv6000 laptop. It has a dual core processor with 2Gb of RAM. Does anyone know whether there are likely to be any issues using the VX-5000 with this?

  • OS X? MIC?

    Can more people here comfirm that it's working on mac's OS X 10.5.6?
    And will the microphone also work?

    Otherwise a no go for me!

  • How is this camera in lowlight?