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  • Can you use Whirlpool Duet pedestals with this Maytag?

  • Minutes don't seem to work properly

    I just bought the 3000 series Maytag front loader washer and dryer. When installed, the washer ran its cycle but when it got to 6 Min. remaining, it just stayed on 6 and the drum would run slow one way and then reverse and run a few times and then would speed up, though not enough to get any water out of the clothes. Then it would just keep repeating itself and after about 15 minutes, I thought maybe by some chance that it was done but that I just didn't know what I was doing. Clothes were wet enough that it took 2 hours to dry ($ ouch). My question is, before I fly into Lowe's for a replacement, is the washer suppose to work in real time? In other words, if it starts on a cycle at, say 32 minutes, is it suppose to clock down like a watch and then zero out and stop like a microwave or is it normal for it to stay on 6 minutes and just keep doing what I,ve described, as perhaps I should have left it alone and it would have eventually done it's thing?

    McMinnville, TN

  • How much water does it use per load?