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  • it will not start

    when pressing the powe button washer will ding but no lights come on

  • it will not start

    I've checked out electric and have it ----the on off button dings

  • My lg WM2016CW will not spin out, please help

    My LG WM2016CW will not spin out , please help .

  • during cycle, stopped and will not restart

    During cycle, machine stopped all light went off and will not start again.
    have checked breaker box, drain hose and all other suggestions.

  • my machine makes a thumping noise when it spins

  • is this washer and dryer combination stackable

  • We bought a LG WM2016CW front load washer, right from the beginn

    We bought a LG WM2016CW front load washer 20 months ago, right from the beginning, every time when we start the machine, there is a impacking noise when water comes into the machine (either from hot water pipe or cold water pipe). We talk with LG customer service many times and were told that our water pressure is too high, but we tested it and it is normal. So they sent a contract repairman to fix the problem and the water filter vavle were replaced, but the problem is still exsiting. Different repair people told us the problem is due to the water filter valve of the machine closes too soon everytime when water comes in that causes the water pounding noise. Is it right or the factory designing problem? If this continuous, I am afraid one day our water pipes would blow out. Thank you.

  • bleach drips and noise

    My LG WM2016CW drips bleach on the following load after washing clothes in bleach. I have to wash them twice before it does not drip on the next load. Is there a fix for this? Also my machine is not quiet. On a large load it is very loud!

  • The 'cycle selector' is stuck on Hand Wash, ......

    It will not let me select anything else...Any clue as to what might be going on? Everything else seems OK

  • What is the monthly draining task about?

  • LG Washer WM2016CW 1e Error code. Is there a reset button?

    I am getting the error code 1E on my LG Washer (WM2016CW). I have done everything the owners manual has listed to do and I am still having the problem. I have called LG and they are wanting me to make a call into a service repair man. I need help clearing the code. Is there a reset button on the machine.