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  • Does it work great if you have it in your pocket?

  • won't down load files

    why does my recorder tell me all files are full when I try to download from my computer by dragging a file from I Tunes on my mac, when the files are not full. It did before, and my ICD-300 does let the file go in?

  • Is the Sony ICD-UX200 right for my needs?

    I need some help. I am quite naive about the digital recording technology, and I would like to purchase a digital recorder ro record my holiday caroling group, and the produce a CD of the singing. I don't want a lot of settings to mess with, and the recording quality only has to be good enough to make a CD for family and friends. There are 11 female voices, a cappella, 3- and 4- part harmony, and we generally sing in large spaces, such as lobbies and large meeting rooms, and are not miked. Help with name brand/model recommendations for these circumstances would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! Frieda in Oregon.

  • How big are the files?

    Could you give me an impression how big the files are (let's say for 10 minutes or half an hour)? It is important for me, as I like to send them as email attachments. My main use is recording my own lectures from the shirt pocket and then sending them out as mail attachments.
    Thanks for any answers.

  • Is the editing software compatible with 64 bit Wndws Vista 7 Ult

    Is the editing software compatible with Windows Vista 7 Ultimate 64 bit?

  • How do I rewind and record over part of my recording?

    Every time I pause and rewind, it seems to stop the recording and I can't start recording again without beginning a whole new file. Is there any way around this? Or is it easy to combine the files at the end?

  • Question on audio editor for my Sony recorder

    I need to know which is the software that alloweds me to transform the voice i have register with my Sony ICD into text. please let me know as soon as possible. is not written anywahere. thanks Gaia

  • Frequency and Sampling rate of Sony ICD-UX200

    pls let us know the frequency and sampling rate of the recorded audio file in STSP mode. Thank you

  • sonyicd UX 300 F

    I am a trainer and i need to record for long hours.I also need to understand if all the feature are software friendly and is convinent to use and edit.What else is also a good option compared with Olympus as a brand..Sony Vs Olympus.Does sony have a good audio output for listening.I need to hear again and again to the same meeting recording.pleaase advice..