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  • how do i transfer recordings onto cd from Sony ICD-P620

    how do i transfer recordings onto cd from ICD-P620

  • is this any good for recording singing?

  • SONY ICD P620 digital voice recorder - Stopped functioning

    I have a SONY ICD P620 digital voice recorder. My son was using it successfully till recently, when it stopped functioning. Whatever I press, "HOLD" flashes 3 times. Then it switches off. I changed the batteries multiple times, but it still doesn't work. Help needed please.

  • Poor Sony software support.

    I, like the man above, who said he has software support problems with Sony. I have also have problems with obtaining Sony ICD-P620 software.

    I also lost my original software and need to have it replaced.

    I actually did download 'SOME' software for the above model but so far its useless, because it is NOT at all clear on how to (a) find the correct file &/or (b) how activate it.

    There is no name (on any exe file) indicating that it is for the ICD-P260. So my ICD-P260, is now expensive junk..!!

    SONY if you are 'listening' then please send me an email to: bjtreasu1@bigpond.com & tell me how to get this lovely little unit operating. It is a good unit. I love its operation & the whole thing is neat but its now full & I need to transfer my recordings to my computer or junk it.
    Cheers Bruce.

  • ICD-P620 Voice Recorder

    I can't believe that you are still not making people very aware that your P620 recorder will not work at all with a 64 bit system!

  • How to access recording without starting it all over again

  • Can I hook up an external mic to this?

  • Does this support the mac?