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Question: problem with olympus ds 2300 recording 20 hours straight


I have a olympus ds 2300 digital recorder and it works fine, except for this one thing I'm trying to do.

I need it to record for about 20 hours without stopping, when it's recording it's out of my hands and so out of my control and I can't keep checking on it.

I bought a 1Gb card so it has capacity to store about 180 hours.

I have tried this twice now. The first time it stopped at 12 hours 20something minutes.

The batteries were just about gone so I thought that was maybe the problem. So I went to buy some super strength batteries and try it again. I tested it before trying the project again, and it recorded for 13.5 hours, before I stopped it, deciding that that proved it was the batteries that were the problem before.

So, I set up my project again and sent my dictaphone on it's way but this time it stopped at about 11 hours 30something minutes!

When I checked there was still loads of battery power left and the on button was still on and the hold button also.. so I can't figure out why it stopped.

Maybe it just got jogged somehow and that turned it off but I was just thinking..maybe someone knows something different... like does it just stop recording after a while, if it's been left unattended and still for a long period?

But on the spec it does say that ith strong batteries it should record for 20 hours.

Any advice anyone has would be great!