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Question: Stanton ST-100 platter does not turn

I have a problem with a Stanton ST-100 turntable. The motor rotor fell apart. The circular magnet that forms the rotor is simply glued into the rotor housing That’s okay, I’ve seen that type of construction before but when the glue dried out the magnet fell out of the housing. The platter turned but made a lot of clanking noise when it did.
I had to disassemble the turntable to get to the rotor. (Very strange way to build a turntable but I won’t go into detail) When I got the rotor out, I was able to re-glue the magnet back into place.
Re-assembly was relatively straight forward...I though... but when I got the turntable back together, the platter would not turn. On close examination of the situation, I realized that the rotor was just slipping under the platter. There is nothing to hold the platter onto the rotor as it turns. Other turntables would have screws, a tapered spindle or something but this TT has nothing. There is no evidence of glue where the two parts meet that I could see. Just nothing. What am I missing?
Any help, please.