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  • IS the Vizio VL370M a newer model than the VO370M?

    Is there a distinction between the Vizio VL370M and the VO370M. Which is the newer model and which produces the best results?

  • Vizio VL370M Remote Control Failing

    I just purchased the Vizio VL370M LCD HD TV and the picture quality is everything I expected, after 15 years of working with Plasma and LCD Monitors/TVs I thought I would be sold at lease 90% on this TV, however this one I purchased is having issues with the factory remote control. It is working sporadically at best and the factory provided universal remote codes are not compatible with the Verizon FiOS Universal Remote, is anyone having similar problems with this TV? I hope Vizio can find a solution because I do like the performance of the VL370M LCD HDTV