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Question: Sound options

When I switch the sound options - Cinema, Spatial and off - I do not hear any difference. Also when I change the Bass and Treble there is no difference. Can anyone advise if these options do make a difference in the sound? Toshiba advised they could not answer that question?? It seems to me that option would not be there if it was not going to do anything. Toshiba told me to call a service tech and if he felt there was nothing wrong - I get to pay the bill. If someone can advise if it does make a difference - then I will call one.

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    Gee I must be the only person in the world that bought this TV or the only one that tryed the different sound options. I thought I would at least get a "Who Knows" - so much for questions - I hope the support and service for the TV is better then this!

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