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  • blank screen

    I bought a universal remote and programmed it touch one button now I have blank color screen how can I fix it.

  • How does the laptop to tv work? Tried as mentioned in manual.

    I bought a HDMI to DVI cable. Connected it to the HMDI1 port in the tv to the DVI on my laptop and set the TV to HMDI1. But I cant see anything. Am I missing doing something?

  • Can I put external speakers on this TV?Where do they plug in

  • programing remote for universal use

    how do you program your universal remote, I have WOW and i cannot get it to turn the tv off/on and suggestions. I hae tried the codes in the manual from WOW. ????????????????

  • Volume issues when connect to DVD player

    I am having volume issues when TV is connected to any DVD player. The volume is great with regular tv but when connected to a DVD the sound is horrible. Even with thge volume all the way up its hardly audible. How can this be correcred? Is it the tv?