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Question: wireless disconnect...

Okay tech gurus... I have bought a KDL40HX800 - (in a PS3 3D bundle). I cannot get the TV to connect wirelessly so on finding this forum thought I'd seek help here: Here are the key facts - and excuse my description I am a member of the "technology as a second language" cohort:

- run an iMac with OS X 10.6.4 (10F569);
- have a time capsule with built in airport extreme;
- have a HP Photosmart C4380 series;
- Asus laptop K501; and
- belkin wireless ADSL voip router.

I use the time capsule to create and manage my WLAN. While the Belkin connects to the internet. The Belkin and the time capsule are connected by an ethernet cable. Everything all connects wirelessly to the WLAN.

Anyway... I wanted to stream stuff from my iMac to a TV ... so I headed off to Sony. Well I installed the new PS3 and the TV. The PS3 joined the WLAN seamlessly. However I cannot get the TV to join. I have tried lots of things in conjunction with the Sony store that I bought from. So far no solutions. The TV uses the Sony USB device.

I have tried manual and auto connection. tried copying the 'specs' for the PS3 'addressing' - with a new IP address. or using automatically generated IP address. NO JOY.

I suspect I have some setting somewhere that is blocking connection.... but I dont know how to check beyond this.

Any bright ideas?? Most grateful for any comments. Thanks.