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Question: 60Hz or 120Hz?

On the back of the television, it has the model number. Below the model number it states "120V-60Hz 120W." Does this mean that the television is only 60Hz and not 120Hz like it should be?

  • Re: 60Hz or 120Hz?

    This means the TV operates on regular US power supply voltage (120V) and frequency (60 Hz or 60 cycles per second). They specify this because some TV's operate on both US and European voltage/frequency, e.g. both 120V/60Hz and 240V/50Hz. That's nothing to do with the refresh rate of the color picture which can be 60z, 120, 240, 480 Hz. The faster the refresh rate, the better you can see fast action scenes or moving objects without a blur. You only need the fast refresh rate for gaming or fast high definition scenarios.

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