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  • Wii and Samsung UN55B8000

    I am having trouble connecting my Wii to my samsung 8000, has anyone else had a problem. When I connect the cables as told by the manual the picture on the TV is black and white and fuzzy. Can't figure out why this is happening, not the cables because they work fine on other TVs. Thanks for any help.

  • Non-standard wall mount?

    Someone (store) told me that this TV cannot be mounted using a standard (4-screw) type wall mount system, but that you had to use Samsung's "ultra slim" (looks like a picture hanging wire) wall mount system. Is this true? Does this TV allow a VESA (400mm?) type mount?

  • LCD 1080p 240Hz versus LED 1080p 120HzHDTV's

    I'm in the market for an HDTV and would like some input on a few differences I've been reading about. LCD versus LED. I've read some reviews about the SONY XBR series 240Hz HDTV's and some white streaking on black back-ground on the screen, not much as far as Samsung comparison with the Sony except for the price. Then I read some reviews for the Samsung LED HDTV's at 120Hz 1080p format and I've read nothing but pretty good reviews. Any comments on which way to go before I spend the cash they're asking for these HDTV's? Any comments/advice welcome!