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  • Picture size: Samsung UN46C5000 and hen change a picture size

    Recently I purchased Samsung UN46C5000 and when I change picture size to Screen fit on some chancels a dotted tripping bright line appears on the top edge of the picture frame . When I change to other picture size line disappear. Should I worry, is this a defect?

  • Watching Netflix from Blu-Ray does not work

    I purchased this tv and hooked it up to my Sony Blu-ray through an HDMI cable/connection that has internet connectivity built in. I connected it to my home network. Now I turn the TV on and source the BD and want to pull up Netflix from the internet. Either I get...no connection...from the TV but when I check it is there or I have to sit for 10 mins while it tests a link and then STILL will not play movies. Yes, I am registered with Netflix, yes, I have over and over again installed my network. I never had this problem with my other TV. Does ANYONE have a solution to this.