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  • TV repeatedly turning off and on when try to turn on

    My TV keeps cycling on and off everytime I try to turn it on. After several minuntes, it will click on and stay on, and work fine. It will turn off fine, but not turn on without cycling on and off. What is problem? How do I fix it? My email is engrusc14@yahoo.com. Thanks

  • glare

    I have a very bright living room. Will glare be an issue or should buy a tv with a mate screen?

  • 120hrz

    i set my samsung a650 to 120 hrz but when i push the info button it only shows it at 60 hrz and i set it in the high mode. it is hooked up to a comcast hd dvr box. please explain!! any one have a anser!!my e-mail is richardreiser@comcast.net thanks