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Question: help using as pc monitor

i have this tv and am trying to use it as my pc monitor as well. But it want work. Get on the phone w tech support,, now there's a oxymoron for ya! And they say it's my resolution not set right. I hook up secondeary monitor and go thru all the res settings, and still no good. Call hp support and they take remote control of my pc adjusting said res and still no go. Had my computer guy over and he spends three hours working on it, updating ati software going thru res settings etc. Hp says its my tv, philips says it's my computer. ( By the way, running ATI Radeon HD 4650 video card ) which hp says is MORE than capable of handing the tv. So do you have any suggetstions? I am to the point now that I am ready to take the tv back and tell philips where to stick it! ( again btw I just bought the tv 12 days ago ) tia and have good day!