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  • input problems

    When I turn my 60" Mitsubishi WD-65737 on, it will work fine for a while, then the screen turns blue and it will say, "new input found", I click on cablebox, then i have to click activity, then cablebox again, it will work, then 5 mins later do it again, i have to do this process twice everytime I turn my TV on.

  • Mitsubishi WD-65737 DLP 3D ready tv update and emmiter

    Does the MWD-65737 3d DLP ready TV need a firmwire update to play 3D Bluray stereoscopic shutter active movies. And does it require the emmiter adapter?

  • all over the air channels want pickup

    when i frist got this tv all over the air channels came in. about 2 weeks ago 12 of them stop coming in. they came in on the other tv. not this one. have rescan, upgrade and disconnect the antenna and connect it back up. still want pick them up. anyone one no what the problem is. have anyone had this problem beside me. i have contact the company. waiting on their answer.