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Question: Mitusubishi LT 46246 power failure


I have an LT 46246, when I bought the TV it lasted for about a a year when the I think it is the power unit went out. It took about a month to get it repaired and now it is starting to happen again. The TV start ramdomly shutting down or atfer shutting it down it will not turn back on. You have to hit the reset many times and if that doesn't work you have to unplug it and wait for an undetermind amount of time. In time it takes longer and longer to start turning back on, I know wierd, maybe it is just perception on the time frame but eventually it will quit funtioning all together. The last time this happened the technician told me that this unit fails all the time and that it cost more than the TV itself. Have you heard of this happening in this particular model and would you have a remedy for me so that I do not have to worry about this happening any more?