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  • Gameing Issue MLT1912

    I have a Memorex MLT1912 19" LCD Flat Screen Monitor I have a couple issues with it that I can't seem to figure out.

    First of all, the manual that came with this product is terrible. It mainly covers the basic such as how to plug it in....duh. but leaves out the actual instructions on how to run and work this product.

    Anyways, my first problem that I'm having, and hopefully you guys will be able to help me out with is the resolution. I've changed the resolution of my computer to 1360 by 768 pixels on both the desktop settings and my graphic card (I've tried other resolution also and I still continue to have the same problem).

    When turning on my PC this annoying blue screen appears and in the top right hand corner i notice the resolution switches back to the factory default setting which is i forget i think its 660x 600 or something like that, but anyways once my desktop loads a blue text box will appear that says " Image Shrunk to fit Panel Timing" this happens on most of my computer games than there are other games where I hear it running but the monitor says its "Invalid Mode" What the hell is Invalid Mode? All my games and software were running fine on my 10 - 15 year old monitor why would it not work on this?

    Another problem I am having is with everytime I start up my PC (running on PC mode) everything is blurry the fonts , text, pictures etc. on my desktop that is. Until I scan through the different video modes: ATSC, TV, AV, S-VIDEO, YUV, and then back to PC and my Resolution , desktop, fonts , and stuff are fixed? It goes back to how it should be. I want to know how I can set this up to where once i start up my computer its just how I wanted it. I dont want to have to start up my computer everytime and the resolution is disfigured or distorted than having to switch thru the differnt video modes just to get it back to normal. Ridiculous.