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  • JVC LT-42J300 HDMI Problems

    I just received this JVC LT-42J300 television and my Motorola HD Receiver seems to be having an intermittent problem establishing communication with my TV. Sometimes when I turn on both devices I get a “No signal or signal cannot be displayed” message on the screen, and the Motorola box will occasionally flash the error code “dU1”- which I have read on other forums is how the box displays DVI. I can get the television to recognize the cable signal if I run the Auto Demo in the menu which is meant for the display floor to show the features of the television. Once the Auto Demo completes, the “no signal or signal cannot be displayed” comes on the screen for two seconds, and then the cable image displays fine and I turn off the demo mode. I have had Charter come out twice, and all that I know they have done is put an amplifier on the signal (initially I also had tiling on some of my HD channels) and changed out the box twice. I asked them to change out the DVI to HDMI cable as well, but I am unsure if that was done. This TV only has separate audio for HDMI1, therefore it will not help if I can get this working on one of the other HDMI ports. Is this something that an authorized JVC repair center will be able to correct, or am I stuck trying to teach my technically challenged wife and my 3 and 5 year old the work around?