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  • Picture Mode Settings Help

    I just hooked up my new 4260 (by HDMI cable) and I am having a problem adjusting the picture from the "Picture" menu. The TV seems to work fine if I leave it in Energy Savings mode, however I do not like the picture in Energy Savings mode.

    I am having a problem if I select any of the other modes, or make my own Custom mode settings. Everything is fine until I turn the TV off. When I turn it back on the picture is barely visible, about 1/3 to 1/4 the brightness of when I turned it off. I have to go back to the menu and re-select Energy Savings to get the picture back. Then I have to make my Custom mode adjustments all over again. I am unable to use any of the other Picture modes on the menu, the same thing happens. I can only use the Energy Savings mode to avoid this issue.

    Thank you for any help!