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  • Have an archos 5 250. Wanting program to keep names, address,ect

  • Brand New Archos 5 IMT wont stream from YouTube Flash logo #9

    Hi everyone, fellow Archos users, i just got my Archos 5 IMT a few days ago. I think it's great, especially the clarity of the movies i put on it. The music plays excellent too, all these I have put on it from my laptop.

    I think from my experience with it do far, it's a neat little powerhouse...with one exception.

    On YouTube and Dailymotion the online videos will not play, I get the video window, a Flash logo with 9 on it...this is nearly everything Flash related on the web...esepcially music videos and Youtube, Hulu, Fancast, SyFy, and everywhere else I go on the web.

    I bout two plug-ins so far, but I think this is an Archos 5 problem. The Opera supplied browser should be able to handle Flash 9 video streams? Right?

    To double check I saved the Flash files to the Flash "container" in the Archos 5 H/D and they play just fine, same as YouTubes and Dailymotions. They just wont stream from the webpage itself.

    Can anyone help me with an answer to this dilemma? I've been surfing for answers since Dec-26 with no luck. I am still extremely pleased with this device. I watched a few movies on it already and it is top-notch!!!!!
    THank you! David68

  • Can i hook up my archos 5 to my in car stereo system?

    If i can what cables/connector do i need to purchase?

  • Yahoo Mail on the Archos 5...?

    Using wifi, I want to view my Yahoo Mail (not Yahoo Mail Plus) and download any attachments, even if I can't open them, then transfer the files to my PC. Is this possible with the Archos 5? Also is it possible to download web pages for offline viewing?