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  • What is a AL4198 4 zone 30 watt stereo amplifier?

    this is to boost a signal from an existing amplifier and zone speakers on and off , just want to know if anyone know what brand this might be?

  • P.S. I have the sc-05 Pioneer Elite reciever.

  • amplifiers

    I have a Pioneer Elite A/V reciever. I'm looking for an amp to boost the power to 200/250 watts. I have the Definitive Tech STS surround speakers. Which amp would you recomend?

  • Which integrated amps have power off switch?

    I want to use an integrated amp (with a tuner I already have)in my bedroom to replace a receiver, where the stereo is plugged into an appliance timer (this is my alarm clock). What brands of integrated amp will play music when unplugged and plugged back in, without going to standby? I'd like to spend $350 or less.

  • Replace old Denon

    Looking to replace 24 year old Denon with new stereo receiver. Problem is finding tape dubbing capability to not loose my Luxman digital surround/equalizer and to have turntable input. In having 3 tape units, use Sansui mixer for them and just use one tape loop in the receiver. I also feed in a disc player and dedicated Dish satellite for music. Any ideas? Perhaps a used Onkyo 8522???

  • nad vs. cambridge amps

    i would like input on my choice between the nad c315 bee integrated amp or the cambridge audio 340a int amp, i will be running psb b25 speakers. this will be a startup project with limited funds. thanks kirk. i also would like the opportunity to incorporate my i-phone music base.

  • can a harman kardon hk-3490 run jamo c803 speakers

    can a harman kardon hk-3490 receiver run jamo c803 speakers

  • can i use a Toa-912 amp to run stereo...there are no left right

    there are no left/right in or out..and one speaker bar on back of amp