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  • Looking for a fast top load document scanner; no frills

  • Looking for a photo scanner that automatically recognizes size

    I am looking for a photo scanner that automatically recognizes the size of the photo I am scanning. I have 1000's of photos to scan and don't want to have to edit every one of them to take the white away from around the 5x7 photo. Are there any scanners out there that do this?

  • radio scanner

    hi my name his mark and my problem his my portable 200-channel pro-26 scanner when i enter the frequencies in the scanner its not picking any thing up. or his it that frequenc now have changed over to digitalif so what can i do about it. thanks mark.

  • hi my name his mark and my problem his my portable 200-channel p

  • What is a good scanner to scan baseball cards?

  • Scanner buying advice

    I needed to buy a high quality scanner to setup service for scanning photos. I was thinking the below spec. would suit me fine.
    * Single pass and fast scanning of photos to handle bulk jobs
    * min 300 dpi resolution
    * capability of scanning front (photo) and back (captions, date) automatically
    * Very good colour depth (32+ bit)
    * ADF capacity of min 50-100 sheets
    * Transparency/negatives scanning

    Please suggest a scanner which in your experience meets the above. Thanks in anticipation

    Please immediately revert with a scanner model number etc. that fits my need.
    It must be noted that I am in a hurry and would like to close this out in a weeks time.

    And it is quite logical that there would be other products needed going forward to complement and supplement the scanner. Suggest Canon India helps me out in an expeditious and efficient manner by catering to my need.

  • What is the best scanner for scanning artwork?

  • multiple feeding photo scanner

    Hi - I have 5 moving boxes full of family photos dating 150 years as well as a great deal of family correspondence. I want to archive this. A scanner with a feed hopper that could hold many photos that would be loaded and scanned automatically would be really helpful. It will takes weeks to scan with my flatbed scanner so I'm hoping there is just the right thing out there for me. Thank you so much!

  • What is the fastest scanner for magazine pictures?

  • What is the best scanner for 35mm and 120mm film?

    I have many 35mm and 120mm film images. Hands down what is the highest rez film scanner for the desktop?

  • I have a Canon 656 scanner & I can't find the toolbar to operate

  • I have a Canon 656 scanner

  • Epson V30 Scanner Compactibility with Vista 32 Operating sys.

    Is Epson V30 Scanner compactible with Vista 32 bit operating system . Mostly the scanners are c ompactible with Vista (64) bit only , and the broucher on the net state its is compactible with Vista. It does not specity (32) bit 0r (64 ) bit. Kindly help as I need to make ther purchase immediately and teh Epson Support team is not giving response to any query.Thanks

  • Canon Lide 100 Scanner not working on Vista 32 Bit Operating

    Canon Lide 100 Scanner is not working on my Window Vista 32 Bit System.

    MP navigator did got installed but on running it, it states "The scanner driver supported by this software is not installed. install and then retry"

  • Epson V500 or V700

    I'm considering purchase of Epson V500 or V700. I have many badly faded Echtachrome Slides that need color restoration. Is the software Epson supplies with these scanners effective at color restoration and are these scanners equal in color restoration?

  • I have new Canon MP190 printer the on screen manual says I can

    scan and edit documents with MP Navigator EX or Omnipage SE but after 2 days and reading manual until I blue in the face still not working Have I missed something or am I misinformed?

  • Canon 8600F scanner- slides problem

    Following the directions, I get the following error codes: 2, 178, 0
    The images are very dark, small, and cannot be enlarged. Solution?

  • Scanning multiple photos

    I would like to be able to scan multiple pictures at a time but have them scan as separate files. Is this possible? I have multiple pictures that I need to scan and 1 at a time just won't work.

  • I have old glass plate negatives, and would like to scan them...

    I have old glass plate negatives, and would like to scan them into prints/copies. Consinering Microtek Artixscan. Need help!