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  • I can not see what is on the scan - film or slide

    how do you see what you have scanned? All I can get is a copy of the slides and film - can NOT tell what it is at all. What am I doing wrong?

  • Will it scan really perfect from 4 x 6 picture

    I am doing project that i am scanning thoursand of my dad's picture that he want it into the computer to make a beautiful slideshow with out less quality. He want it all in computer and safe it from surprise house burn down and burn all the album book with all pictures will be gone forever u know. so i am try to scan picture from my scanner but it not so quality it has line on it. So i would like to know more about it. bz i would like to use that cool scanner for my business to do that. Let me know soon.

  • is the 8800f windows 7 copatible ?

  • How it works for scanning A3 documents (photo etc) clearly?

    About software Canon CanoScan 8800F!

    How it works for scanning A3 documnets (photo etc) clearly?

  • canon 8800f on network

    how can you install it on a home network

  • does it work with Win 7 ?

  • Multi-Scanning old albums

    I am scanning photos from old family photo albums where the photos are glued onto black paper. Is there any way to do a multi-scan on the page without having to remove the photos from the page?

    Thanks, Debra

  • Canon CanoScan 8800F Color Film/Negative/Photo Scanner

    Does the Canon CanoScan 8800F Color Film/Negative/Photo Scanner (2168B002) device process undeveloped film?

  • Can I scan 4 X 5 film

  • Canon Scanners

    What is the main difference between the canoscan 8800f versus the 5600f.

  • blue line

    all my scans have a blue vertical line about 1/3 from the left of scan. It just suddenlly apeared. I just recieved this scanner for christmas.

  • Canon 8800F

    I have 126 negs and would like to scan them in the 135 holder. The scan driver automatically divides at 135 size. I'd like to scan whole strip without frame divides and use software to divide them myself. Is this possible? How? Thanks. Dale

  • See below

    Some of the previous question was cut off. Here is the whole question:
    I am mainly interested in scanning documents such as pages from bound books. While I may also scan slides, photos, and negatives (if possible), this is a secondary use. How does the 8800F do on documents? Is it worth getting this scanner, or am I better off with the 4400F? The information I have indicates that the 4400F comes with OCR software while the 8800F does not. This could be a benefit. From what I've found I do not see any significant difference in the quality of photo scans from the two, except that the 8800F can apparently scan more slides at once. I do not even understand why this is the case, since the scan area is the same for both. A point by point comparison of the two, especially for scanning documents (and better than available on the Canon web site) would be helpful.