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  • Please suggest a N Wireless Router - USB printer and 2TB NAS

    I am looking for a N Wireless Router with the ability to Simultaneously connect and use a USB printer and 2TB NAS External Hard Drive.

    The NAS I have in mind is Freecom Network Drive XS 2TB NAS Drive with Gigabit Ethernet and USB port which seems to be the cheapest.

    I already have a USB printer (Dell All in One 962) whih works fine and need to connect this to the router.

    Any suggestions for a good Router which would serve my purpose?

  • How should i explain how router works to non techinical person

    how router works

  • Huawei Echolite HG5206 Router & Utorrent

    I need help badly, I`m Steve, and have just gone over to TalkTalk Broadband, they sent me an Huawei Echolite HG50b which looks pretty smart,I have never used a router b4, but liked the idea of a hardware firewall, I use Utorrent for DL torrent, I use port 45682 for incomming connection, but the Utorrent speedguide always tells me in not open, can anyone help me and explain how to setup forwarding ports on either or both of my Router and Utorrent, my UP loading speed is a joke,I`m using the 3Com Lan controller on my Asus A7N8X deluxe mobo, or should I use the Nvidia Lan Controller, if you could help me I would grately appreciate it, please feel free to email me at steven.p.hyde55@hotmail.com, or if u like call me on 01788573589...please please please, in the past years of virgin BB and a plain old modem I dl loads of stuff, but with TalkTalk Router, I haven`t done much, can`t do much, I need anyones help...(going crazy trying...Steve)

  • Belkin N+ router

    I just bought a Belkin N+ router today, but I don't have a modem. Can I still get the router to work?

  • Can't print over router w/Windows 7 and Windows XP

    I have Belkin router connected to Win7 PC and am using wireless notebook w/WinXP. I would like to print to HP Photosmart connected to main PC. What do I need to do to make this happen?

  • General switch/router question

    I have a linksys wireless/wired router (network input from a cable modem) in my home office which has a PC, laptop, Vonage box & printer attached and feeds a switch(A)located in my "data center" box (all home cat5e and coax input/outputs for the house). Switch(A) then feeds into bedroom 1 to another switch(B). Switch(B) has a PC, laptop & printer attached. Everything works fine, although sometime slow in this configuration. Issue is when I attached another cat5e into switch(A) that feeds into bedroom 2 it does not recognize a connection (another PC attached) although all lights indicate otherwise on the PC; however the PC does recognize a connection nor the switch(A) the PC. The line tested good (loop check). Do I need a smarter switch(A)??

  • I have an Adtran NetVanta 3305 router with interface one on a...

    I have an Adtran NetVanta 3305 router with interface one on a .2 network and interface 2 on a .3 network. I need for a .2 PC to be able to get out to our DSL\Gateway router on the .3 network. The .2 PC can ping all other .3 machines that are in the .3 A