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  • What would you say max range of it + a RangeMax adapter be?

    Very nice router and adapter... just one question how far for a signal to use regular internet? Live in a small town so just would like to know.

  • Cannot get WNR3500 to work in repeater mode! (Sorry if repost)

    Just bought two wnr3500's, with the second intended to be used as a repeater. The base version works well as a main wireless and gigabit router, but I cannot get the second to work as a repeater. It works fine in the setup process until I apply the changes for setting it to repeater mode. At that point it becomes partially disabled. It certainly doesn't repeat, and I cannot even ping it from a functioning connection. The blue LED's on top just scroll from front to back, and I cannot access this second router by wireless. If I connect to it via ethernet cable (turning off other connections), I get the message "Limited or no connectivity". When this happens, ipconfig shows a weird, non 192.168.x.x address.

    I have tried everything suggested in the many threads, but to no avail.

    One minor point... the LAN MAC address of the base has "E" as its last letter, but on the base's repeater setup page, its last letter is shown as "D" with all other letters being the same. I have tried to put this into the repeater both ways, with no luck.

    HELP! I really need this to work!