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Question: wndr3700-windows 7?

I am looking to purchase a netgear WNDR3700 wireless n router. I just received my new dell computer with windows 7-64 bit system. Is this router compatoble with windows 7? If not -any direct links to possible windows 7 upgrade? THANX!!

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    NetGear 3700 is an excellent addition to the Windows 7 operating system, especially with the media center - with or without “N” network.
    The HD-Video Streaming and Xbox 360 online Gaming work flawlessly, when using the 5 GHz. It's almost like your running the media directly from the PC memory.
    My network supports the following devices, (3) iTouches wifi; (2) Laptops wifi; (1) hard-wired PC; (1) Xbox 360 wireless (1) Xbox 360 Hard-wired, with no interruptions what so ever. The USB Port houses a 250 GB Hard Drive which can be accessed by all devices except the iTouches. All-in-all, the NetGear 3700 Wireless Router has been excellent purchase for our home network needs. What I love most is the capability to run both bands simultaneously and having the option to dedicate an entire band for just Streaming, which I'm currently doing with my Xbox 360 media.
    My Wife has her own dedicated 2.4 GHz band for work or play, and we set-up the “Guest Network” with restrictions for the kids to connect via wifi.

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