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  • ERB9250

    I followed the manual set up procedures and got a sucessful connection response. The problem, I still have the same poor signal strength in the areas I had hoped the ERB9250 would improve. I've gone thru the set up several times and was sucessful everytime but I'm still not getting improved signal strength in areas where it is needed. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • can I use the ethernet plug for my desktop?

    Im interested in this wireless extender, I have a laptop and a desktop but the desktop doesn't have a wireless card. Is it possible to set this up and just leave the desktop plugged in with the ethernet? Thanks!

  • Apple

    What are the step by step instructions on how to hook up the 9250 to an Apple Airport extreme.

  • Setting up with Verizon Westel wireless dsl

    I cannot for the life of me get this thing to configure properly. The auto setup won't work at all. The manual using a cable finds the Westel and accepts my WEP 64bit hex security and says its configured but it does nothing to improve reception and can't find the Westel after I relocate it and do a site survey