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Question: EBR2310: defective design of WAN port

There must be something defective with this product, related to interoperability with other devices connected via its WAN port. I purchased two units from OfficeMax in an attempt to replace a DI-604 connected via a 30' cat5 cable to my Versalink DSL modem. The DI-604 basically works well, but gets in a mode where it won't pass traffic after heavy(?) use. I was hoping the EBR-2310 would be more robust, but both units dropped packets when ping across the WAN port (and browsing was impossibly slow at times). I spend a good part of two days replacing every other component (Versalink, cable) to no avail. But there are too many good reviews of the EBR2310; this must be an incompatibility on the WAN port.
Nonetheless, D-Link should do a better job of testing and responding to reports such as this.