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  • Maybe Mac OSX users suffer from no setup?

    Can anybody tell me how the PC setup program configures the MTU and WAN port speeds?
    I use a Mac, so just had to use the basic web configuration approach.
    I initially chose the Setup Wizard, but it just came back quickly and reported that I was already connected to the internet; so not sure if it set the MTU and WAN port speed.

  • D-Link tech support not bad ...

    I called D-Link tech support regarding the EBR2310. They had me lower the MTU to 1482 from the default 1500, and change the WAN port speed to 100 Mb (I had set it to
    10 Mb). Low and behold, pings are no longer getting dropped. This does not seem sane to me, but I like the result.

  • EBR2310: defective design of WAN port

    There must be something defective with this product, related to interoperability with other devices connected via its WAN port. I purchased two units from OfficeMax in an attempt to replace a DI-604 connected via a 30' cat5 cable to my Versalink DSL modem. The DI-604 basically works well, but gets in a mode where it won't pass traffic after heavy(?) use. I was hoping the EBR-2310 would be more robust, but both units dropped packets when ping across the WAN port (and browsing was impossibly slow at times). I spend a good part of two days replacing every other component (Versalink, cable) to no avail. But there are too many good reviews of the EBR2310; this must be an incompatibility on the WAN port.
    Nonetheless, D-Link should do a better job of testing and responding to reports such as this.