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Question: Connecting Sanyo PLV-Z2 with Playstation 3

Hi all, I have searched the internet high and low, read every possible forum and wasted precious lamp time trying to achieve what seems to be the impossible! I am currently using (or trying to use) the Sanyo PLV-Z2 with my playstation 3. I am using a 10metre DVI-I to hdmi cable which gives me picture but no sound, I realise DVI-I only carrys video and sound is not the issue, I currently have it running through Scart on the telly (temperory fix until I get surround sound with optical in). The problem I am having however is the picture! The Z2 is supposed to handle HDMI and I know it can having read other success stories online. Mine however flickers quite rapidly whenever I select a resolution higher than 576p, there is picture but the flicker can get quite bad and is impossible to watch! It seems I am half way there and all I really need is some expertise! Please can someone tell me the correct way to connect these two machines! What leads I should purchase, what length they can be, what quality we talking! Is the anyone out there with the same problem? Thanks in advance. Matt