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  • Projector for both outdoor and indoor movies

    Projector for outdoor movies or presentations.
    We will still need to use it for indoor movies as well.
    Budget 700$ - 1000$
    Also how does one know how big can the image be blown up to and min and max distance from which projection is possible ?
    Thanks guys.

  • How to set up projection in 3d that uses 1 projector?

    I want to set up a 3d home theater. I am willing to spend 2-3 thousand on a projector and more on other components like a 3d blu-ray player. What is the best projector for my price range and what other equipment will be needed in order to enjoy this. I know glasses but I am looking for answers like which glasses I will need for the projector that will be chosen.

  • Best projector (under $500) for both PS2 and Wii?

  • h

    I wish to but a projector for my son's PS2 and Wii
    consoles. Can anybody recommend something that will
    be bright enough for both and a reasonable price (under $500)?

  • is my eiki lc 360 projector compatible with my ps2

  • I can't get the USB port to work as a plug-n-play on my Epson s5

    I have hooked a usb cable from the prjector to my laptop, no picture. The VGA computer cable works. I would like to use the remote when viewing powerpoint slides and I don't even see usb listed on the projector source search. Any answers. I did download the usb driver onto my Windows Vista laptop.

  • I cannot get the usb port to work as a plug-n-play. The project

    This projector is an Epson emp s5.

  • can wii games be used with an eiki lc 300 projector

  • Currently have an old NEC 170LT projector - looking to update

    Our concerns are: With this projector we have a hard time reading text on the screen (80" diag) during gaming (only wii currently)-like wii rock band or subtitles on film...We would like to stay around $1000 ish for a new projector We love the biggness! We can darken the room easily - Any suggestions for a new Projector? We currently replace the bulb about 1x/year - we use this alot!

  • need help to make decision

    I have a purchase a 6500 lum projector for my office and have quotes for Panasonic PT-D6000, NEC NP4100 with NP07ZL lense, Sanyo PLC-XP100 & Eiki LC-X80. which is better? I use about 14 hrs a week.

  • Projector for PowerPoint with Toshiba Satellite A100?

    Small non-profit needs projector for PowerPoint talks, use with laptop Toshiba Satellite A100/A105 series. What works well & is inexpensive?

  • What's the best 300+ lumens projector?

  • EP 1691 or DV 611

    I want know can we connect & play psp games & movies to Optoma EP1691 & DV 611. Please suggest

  • what is more critical, sceens or projectors.

    We have a large meeting hall and are looking into projectors. We have had two quotes, one has a pricy screen and the other has a pricy projector.

  • How do the NP60 and the XJ-S57 compare?

    I have the comparison of specifications, and seem quite similar, however, I have a salesperson telling me that the Casio XJ-S57 is much better. Do you agree?

  • What is the best projector for artists?

  • Best Projector

    What is the best projector for computer driven classroom instruction?

  • Will this work for HDTV on my projector?

    For HDTV movies; what I might try with a Acer PH530:

    My computer has a radeon x1950pro video card. It has a DVI out. If I buy a DVI to HDMI cable and hook the DVI from my computer to my projector with HDMI that should work correct?

    Inside my video card control panel: From there my computer should realize it has another display hooked up, the projector. So, at this point both displays should show, my monitor (default) and the projector. I then select "clone" to second display, the projector, to get the same picture on both.

    There is an option also to force display to 1280x720 (hdtv mode) which would be the same native format as my projector, with 720p.

    From there I should be able to run hdtv movies which I can download for small fees from movie sites.

    All in all I should be able to get 720p hdtv picture quality for movies by playing them on my computer, then onto the projector.

    Will this work? I plan on getting blueray and HDTV comcast box in a few years and it is extra $$ monthly so I'll wait on that.

    Please let me know if I'm thinking correctly. Would be awesome to see HDTV on my projector (yeah 720p); without having to pay for HDTV services or dvd players?!

    Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Are projector lamps easy to replace or is it cheaper to buy a...

    Are projector lamps easy to replace or is it cheaper to buy a new one instead?