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Question: Has anyone had any issues with bulbs on the Epson PL8100

I have read a LOT of people saying their bulb either went out or BLEW out with very few hours on the bulb, I see a lot of awesome reviews but they don't say anything about bulb issues, after I bought a PL8100 Friday and on Saturday after watching 1 3/4 movies the bulb blew in spectacular fashion. I then went out and found a lot of forums where people said they were getting anywhere from 16 hours to 1000 hours before the bulb went out. I also noted that when I stick my face to the exhaust vents I can barely feel a breeze, shouldn't I feel at least enough air where it could blow out a candle? because I don't. It would help a lot to hear from other owners because I am sending this back to Dell on the advise of Epson for another projector, whether or not I get another 8100 depends on the opinions of others that own it.