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Question: Issue with HP Laser Jet P1006 with Windows 7.0

The printer stop working, no message nothing, jobs were still in the spool
reset printer, unplug & replug, restart Computer still nothing.... go to printer settings and it's there no problem set as default printer, not able to do a print test page...what's going on??? What I did is I reconnected the printer to my old computer that was running Windows XP Pro and I had to insert the CD from the printer, it loads everything and able to print no problem. I took the USB cable and moved it back to my new computer running Windows 7 and it start printing !!!! what was wrong with the printer what caused that malfunction was there a reset done somewhere or there's a bug in the printer firmware?? what happens?

  • Re: Issue with HP Laser Jet P1006 with Windows 7.0

    I had the same problem 2010-06-13. The P1006 was a fine printer running on an old XP machine. I also could print from other computers on my home network; including from one running Vista. However, I purchased a new Win 7 laptop for my wife and moved the printer to a location near the Win 7 laptop. It worked fine on the Win 7 machine initially but at some point ceased working. I believe what happened was I tried to "upgrade" to Win 7 drivers (it has a 64 bit CPU). I've tried several uninstall's and reinstalls, including trying to go back and install from the initial disc I used for XP! I then tried to install the P1006 to a new Win 7 (64 bit)with the same result. I says it is installed properly, looks like it is printing documents, complete with showing up as printing in the printer activity icon but the printer doesn't utter a peep. Am thinking about trying to get it to run on my Vista laptop but would rather have it connected through the big primary desktop machine. No luck to date.

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