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  • Ink Cartridg life ?

    I was wondering what the ink cartridge life is like on this particular printer. I have had some previous bad experiences with Epson which detoured me from purchasing another one. Example most of them would go into error mode and prevent any printing in black should any of the C,M or Y cartridges ran out. Plus they only maybe got 15 8X10 prints for around 20.00/Cartridge... If someone could Answer this question honestly, it would be greatly appreciated...

  • gloss optomizer and paper

    I just bought a refurbished r1900 it has gone through 2 gloss optomizers in less than
    50 sheets. Refills seem like not available. I'm beginning to wish I'd fixed my 1280 epson. I used up the last of a box of espon matt paper. the prints maybe got a 7
    on my scale. Any recommendations on suppliers of paper & ink and paper to make
    awesome rints. I'm far from impressed with the R1900

  • Help w printing Black & White photo images from scaned negatives

    I have scanned black and white film negatives using an Epson Perfection 4990 Photo scanner. The images look very good on the computer but I have not been able to print clear clean images using the Epson R1900 printer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • roller and tray feed problems

    Any tips on getting the roller feed and tray feed to actually work? The roller feed just kept pulling paper through. I finally had to cut it and let it run out.

    The single feed tray, even though the paper was perfectly straight, said it was a paper jam. 50 times it did this!

  • I keep getting an Internet Explorer Script Error when I go to th

    I keep getting an Internet Explorer Script Error when I go to print screen. It says "An error has occured in the Script on this page."
    Line 2 Error: "underfined" is nu.. or not an object
    Char 653 URL:htt://olicos.www.epson.com/printer/search3/R1900
    It than ask "Do you want to continue use the Script on this page? I say yes and it moves along. What is error about?

  • paper problems

    I ma having problems with the r1900 advancing 8 1/2X 11 glossy paper (Epson 5-star paper). I can only print one at a time, and have to shut down the printer after each print and restart (very annoying... this is not a cheap printer). I can print 13X19 luster finish epson 5-star, and I can print plain (non-photo) paper no problems. How does the printer decide not to print this size and type of printer? by the way, epsons telephone tech support s**ks, and offers no help. Printer makes great photo prints, but Im not happy about this problem

  • Epson R1900

    Printing on canvas - is there a way or a driver so it won't rub the print? I tested it and got a good panorama print and now I've bought a roll of the same canvas the stoopid printer is rubbing the ink off and leaving pink smudges. Yes, I've done a shnozzle check.

  • How to I get the printer to accept a new cartrige?

    The cartridge light for the black ink stays on no matter what I do-I've tried several new cartridges and they all fail to be accepted. I'm buying only the genuine ink from Epson.

  • Are the new pigment inks more likely to clog than Claria dye ...

    Are the new pigment inks more likely to clog than Claria dye based inks?

    I'm trying to decide between the Epson 1400 and the 1900. I've used the 1400 and liked it a lot except that it seems to run out of ink very quickly. I have concerns about the mixed reviews I've read about the 1900 but like the idea of using archival ink and having excellent image quality (as cited in most reviews). But if the 1900 is going to be more susceptible to clogging, I'm not sure I want to get it. It's hard to compare these 2 printers as reviews tend to compare the 1800 and 1900. I'm also concerned about the cost of ink and how long it lasts. FYI: I'm a professional artist/ photographer working with a Mac and Photoshop CS3. This is for home use. Thanks for any input you can give!