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Question: Canon Pro 9500

Hello I just read the review on the Pro9500 and I wanted to ask about the toners.
I have the Pro 9500 and I have printed about 15 Pictures, already I have replaced a Cyan and now the Green is out. I cannot understand why anyone would buy this printer if it's going to cost $10 a print out.

I printed this
3 13 X 19 Black and white borderless
3 8 X 11 Color Borderless
6 4 X 6 Color Borderless
3 5 X 7 Color Borderless

That it and I had to call Canon and have the Cyan replaced half way through these.
Now the Green needs to be replaced and I and just wondering what’s next.
I have called Canon and all they say is "yeah its possible to have them run out now"

I just wish I knew that I was going to get this kind of Ink life before I bought it.