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  • Is the Pixma 9000 suitable for fine art (non-photo) printing

    Dear All

    I am interested in this Canon 9000 not for photos but for fine art images I create and can download off the web. They would likely require a matte (ie. non-glossy) finish unlike most photos. I am new to this area so is the ink that adds the gloss or sheen or is it the paper used.

    I suspect i would be using fine art cotton or rag paper similar to paper used in limited edition, conservation-type prints bought commercially.

    I woudl greatly appreciate any insights or advice you can provide.

    I am in Canada and this printer is currently being offered at quite a discount from its normal $599 price.



  • 3 basic questions

    I'm wondering about maintenance, cost of ink replacement and service in case of a problem.

    What kind of cleaning or maintenance does the print head(s) require?

    How much, on average doe it cost to replace all 8 inks? Can individual colors be replaced without changing any of the rest?

    What happens if it goes down? Any local or regional service centers (Ohio)?

    Thanks for the help. It looks like a winner

  • Printer Settings

    Last year after much trial and error I was able to find a printer setting that allowed printing party invitations on poster board. Unfortunately I did not write it down thinking the settings would stay with the document. The surface is slightly shiny and the ink wants to stand on top. Any help on this?

  • print large paper on Canon PIXMA Pro 9000

    how to priny 30x100cm paper on Canon PIXMA Pro 9000?

  • Pixus BCI7e cartridges

    I have a Pixus and love it...but I can't seem to find cartridge for it. I bought it in Japan, The sales person told me that finding carts in the USA would not be a problem. My printer takes the BCI 7e cartridge. I tried using the "8's" but those don't work..any ideas..thanks

  • Printer not advancing cardstock weight paper

    The printer is not advancing cardstock weight paper from the top paper feed. Has anyone had similar trouble? and found a cause/solution?
    Thanks so much!