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Question: Can't get cable channels on Haier HLT71

I just purchased the Haier HLT71 a few weeks ago. It works great using the external antenna for over the air channels, but when I try to hook it up to cable, I can't get anything. I'm going into the menu, making sure the antenna setting is set to CATV and then doing the auto scan for channels. During the scan, it looks like it's finding channels (the "RF CH" and "Found" numbers are increasing). However, once it's finished scanning, I can scroll through the channels it's found and I don't get any picture or sound on any of them, just a black screen. Anybody have any idea what's wrong? I've even hooked it up to a cable that was attached to another TV and it does the same thing, so I know it's not the signal or the cable that I'm using. I have Verizon FIOS if that makes a difference. Thanks so much!

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