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Question: im now stuck at the tempel it keeps frezing is there a glitch

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    Inside the temple are more swordsmen and wizards. Kill the wizards first and
    as fast as possible. They have the annoying habit of reincarnating each other.
    Just keep killing them as fast as you can, not giving them the chance to
    reincarnate each other or teleport to a safe distance. There are going to be
    some difficult fights here so after clearing out an area, it is not a bad idea
    to use a gate scroll to mark your progress.
    The area is a long main chamber that has semi-symmetric wings on either side.
    While it's not necessary to clear out each wing, you will miss out on
    experience and treasure. Plus fighting these guys is fun and challenging. For
    this area, anti-magic, anti-disease and anti-poison are good attributes to have
    on your armor or jewelry. After battling the scorpions in the Ashen Plain, you
    should have several poison sacs to put on your armor. Remember to save one for
    the final battle.
    At the end of the temple, you will find King Mormaz, a mummy. He speaks of the
    love he has for his land and people. However, Innoruuk has placed a curse on
    his land and made it barren and evil. To break the curse you must extinguish
    the braziers of hate in the Sealed Temple. He reaches into his chest and pulls
    out his desiccated heart and gives it to you to help you extinguish them.
    Return to the Ashen Plain (back through the temple) and approach the damaged
    portal. It will transport you to the Grass Sea.

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