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  • Is its woofer is powerful to make me dance ?

    It sounds great or normal how is the woofer is it has a great bass which will shake me ?

  • woofer or speakers

    what is the basic difference b/w speakers n woofers of oc. i want an amplifier system vch can amplify the d sound to a large extent so tht it becomes a loud music 4 dancing.what i should prefer ,a woofer or speaker.


    I brought INSPIRE T3130 on 17 aug 2010.On first day itself it gave me problem.No sound was coming then in the morning i tried then sound started coming.I thought that there were some electrical disconnection previous night so it behaved that way the other night. Three days after it started giving me the same problem again. I connected it to some other PC then also the same problem came.Next day in the morning it started working again on its own. I took it to Compuage Infotech they tested it one day and told me they did not find anything.So i got it back. Same day itself it gave me the same problem. I took it to the vendor from where i've got it . They replaced that and gave me another one. But the next one started behaving in the same way and connected to Toshiba laptop and the same thing happened. And now i do not know where i should i bang my head.