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5 Best Mid Range Pc Games

(Updated 23 April 2017)

  1. Dishonored
    (872 scores)
    • Graphics, Fun, Sound quality, Gameplay, Engaging characters
  2. Guild Wars 2
    (1631 scores)
    • Game, Graphics, Pvp, No monthly fee, Fun
  3. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood’

    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood’

    MASTER THE POSSIBILITIES – As Ezio, a legendary Master
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    (715 scores)
    • Graphics, Gameplay, Engaging story line, Easy to learn, Sound quality
  4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an
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    (905 scores)
    • Story, Graphics, Fun to play, Gameplay, Audio
  5. FAR Cry 3

    FAR Cry 3

    Far beyond the limits of civilization lies an island, a lawless
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    (1561 scores)
    • Graphics, Crafting, Huge, Weapons, Good value for money