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  • How do I connect the printer to two different PCs in my office

  • how can I get two HP wireless printers to work on network?

    Mixed window and imac setups. have HP officejet 7800 and Hp office pro 8500. If one is good two should be better I can only install one or the other.

  • There is no touch tone on the keypad?

    Using my HP 8500 Pro wireless print...
    When I am faxing a document using a calling card, I keypad the card telephone number and when I am asked for the card code to authorize it and I enter it on the key pad there is no touch tone and therefore the card code is not recognize. Why no touch tone keypad?
    Roman Roos

  • how to speed up the scanner

    i have tried to increase the scan speed i ahve tried to reduce the resoluction but the machine scans at the same speed and has very poor text..

  • does any one know how to make the HP 8500 scann faster

    I have tried to speed up the copy and scan sppeds with no results. I change the resolution to 75 and it still scans at the same speed but with un-readable text. any suggestions/