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  • How to stop 1 page w/top only printing then correct one?

  • Printing shortfall for HP F4280

    My HP F4280 will only print the 1st page of a 2-page email even if I reduce the print size. I discussed this problem with a friend who has the same model & his printer also will only print the first page. The refit to size option has no effect.

  • Editing a Scan

    Unable to edit scanned material. Please help?

  • Not Printing black and white

    Printer is not printing anything that is black. I checked the cartridge and it seems to be fine. I can print in color, but not black and white. Any idea what can be causing the problem?

  • Scan PDF format


    I was trying hard to find out if this all in one can scan with PDF format, but could not find it, it scans with TIF and it usually big files. Can you help me with this.

    Thanks in advance

  • refill f4280 ink cartridge..the color sequence?

    what is the sequence of color to refill into the color cartridge???
    i cannot find the sequence...