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  • scanner problems

    i just got this and everything works fine but the scanner - got a windows 7 computer so what's the problem ....... ? my old printer was not Windows 7 compatible so i invested the money and it STILL dont work !! i see lots of people having problems with all printers with Win 7 ... these companies should make their products work and not make consumers INSANE with these technical issues i have precious little time in my life and i've wasted a whole weekend .. not to mention Epson dont have 24/7 support NOT GOOD either .. Im ready to just bring this thing back to BestBuy but I will give tech support ONE shot at fixing it although I doubt they can I already d/l drivers, etc. what's left ? I'll be amazed if they can get it to function properly

  • Why won't the fax work with my answering machine?

    We bought an Epson because we needed a Fax and a printer to work with our answering machine. But this is not happening. We cannot get the fax to work with our answering machine, even though the manual says it can work. i phoned an Epson support person and he said I have to actually be home in order to receive a fax and manually press the button or pay for an indepenedent line. Anyone any ideas on how to solve this? Smithy